Tunnelling to a Docker Container using ngrok

Ngrok offers the ability to “I want to securely expose a local web server to the internet and capture all traffic for detailed inspection and replay.”

While playing with RStudio, a R IDE available inside a browser, what I actually wanted was ngrok to “securely expose a local web server running inside a container to the internet”

Turns out it is very easy. Let’s assume we have RStudio running via b2d on 8787.

To proxy to a port on our local machine we’d use:

$ ngrok 8787

Sadly this will fail as our b2d container is not running on
The way around it is to define the boot2docker hostname/IP address

$ ngrok b2d:8787

You’ll get the output:

Forwarding http://47df0f.ngrok.com -> b2d:8787

All HTTP requests to the domain will now be forwarded to your container. Very nice!

For those wondering why I have a b2d hostname, I added it to my hosts file because typing is sometimes the bottleneck.

$ cat /private/etc/hosts b2d

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