Screencast: Getting started with MbUnit

Last weekend I decided it would be great fun to do a simple screencast about getting started with MbUnit.  It’s just a very quick, create project, add reference, execute screencast but hopefully it will be useful if this is your first time to a unit testing framework and you want to get started. It also gave me chance to play around with Camtasia.

Well, it wasn’t as much fun as I first thought. I had a number of attempts to find out how to actually create a screencast and I think I fall into most pitfalls along the way (but its all experience right?), that can be another post.

The outcome was that I managed to created a screencast on Getting Started with MbUnit.

Download: Screencast_GettingStartedWithMbUnit.wmv

Length: 8 Mins 56 seconds

Size: 8.71MB

Now I have a better understanding of what to do, I might create a few more! Next ones will be better…

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