DDD6 Feedback

Yesterday I received feedback from my DDD6 talk on Testing applications with MbUnit.  Attendees are asked to leave feedback on the sessions they attended and rate the speaker in four categories; overall, knowledge, presentation and content.  My averages for these where:

Overall Knowledge Presentation Content
4.44 4.77 4.33 4.44

Some of the comments where:

“Was expecting more Gallio stuff, even just more of an introduction to the concepts.. As it was I already knew a lot of”

Fully agree that this was a problem, it’s a shame more of Gallio wasn’t ready at that point. You can read more about it here and here.

“This guys did a great job. Well-prepared, well-executed and full of useful information.”

“Voice projection was an issue at the start, I think this got better as it went on. Some of the content was rushed through, this was probably due to a large subject being tackled in depth in only an hour.”

“The speaker clearly knew his stuff. As a result I will be taking a look at MbUnit. A first time presenter, and I’m sure there were a few nerves – did well. “

On a personal note, I think it went OK – but there was/is definitely room for improvement. Thanks for all the feedback, I will take it into account when doing future talks.

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