DDD6 Feedback

Yesterday I received feedback from my DDD6 talk on Testing applications with MbUnit.  Attendees are asked to leave feedback on the sessions they attended and rate the speaker in four categories; overall, knowledge, presentation and content.  My averages for these where:

Overall Knowledge Presentation Content
4.44 4.77 4.33 4.44

Some of the comments where:

“Was expecting more Gallio stuff, even just more of an introduction to the concepts.. As it was I already knew a lot of”

Fully agree that this was a problem, it’s a shame more of Gallio wasn’t ready at that point. You can read more about it here and here.

“This guys did a great job. Well-prepared, well-executed and full of useful information.”

“Voice projection was an issue at the start, I think this got better as it went on. Some of the content was rushed through, this was probably due to a large subject being tackled in depth in only an hour.”

“The speaker clearly knew his stuff. As a result I will be taking a look at MbUnit. A first time presenter, and I’m sure there were a few nerves – did well. “

On a personal note, I think it went OK – but there was/is definitely room for improvement. Thanks for all the feedback, I will take it into account when doing future talks.

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DDD6 – Post Event

What an amazing day!! Having enjoyed DDD3, DDD4 and DDD5 yesterday I was given the chance to speak at DDD6! I felt honoured that I was given the chance and really enjoyed walking around in my green DDD t-shirt. My session was one of the last in the day but I managed to pull in a room full of attendees (about 50) which was amazing and thank you to everyone who attended. The day goes so much quicker when your speaking!

My session kind of went to plan, words came out my mouth and I finished on time but I did forget some points and think I could have explained things better (I think my demo scenario could have been better). But it was great experience and I will take the improvements onboard for when I do a similar session at NxtGenUG Cambridge. Paul Lockwood who did a CCNet talk also attended my session – Read his thoughts @ http://dotnetworkaholic.com/ddd6-uk-code-camp/

As for the rest of the day, I attended some great sessions. My favourite session of the day (apart from mine) was Why do I need an Inversion of Control Container? by Mike Hadlow, good content and well presented. After the day, I went for one or two well deserved beers and the geek dinner which was great and spoke to some really nice people. Cheers to Zi for organising that.

Demo: TestingApplicationsWithMbUnit.zip

Slides: TestingYourApplicationsWith Mbunit.pptx.zip (UPDATE: Download link now works. Sorry)

Finally, don’t forget to fill out your feedback – http://www.developerday.co.uk/ddd/feedback.asp. Can’t wait for the next conference!

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DDD Scotland and DDD6 Voting

dddscotlandTwo bits of DDD news today.  Firstly, a DDD in Scotland has been requested for a long time and today Colin announced some details.

It will be in May 2008 at Glasgow Caledonian University.

More information on his blog.

The second bit of news relates to DDD6 and voting has now opened. Cast your votes for which sessions you want to see at http://www.developerday.co.uk/ddd/votesessions.asp.

I’ve submitted a talk on MbUnit, with a look at MbUnit Gallio.  Your votes are most welcome!  The abstract is:

Testing Your Applications With MbUnit Gallio

Everyone seems to be talking about TDD, Unit Testing and Integration Testing, but how do you get started using these techniques on a real project? How do they affect the way we design and develop software?  In this talk, I will cover how to begin unit testing and factors which should be taken into account when designing and developing applications. I will then demonstrate how the new MbUnit Gallio framework can revolutionise the way you write your tests.

Other interesting sessions I spotted are:

Many hands make life work (Gary Short)

N-tier applications with Linq (Ian Cooper)

Why IronRuby (Dave Verwer)

Why do I need an Inversion of Control Container (Mike Hadlow)

All aboard the MonoRail (Ian Cooper)

Oh and mine ;).  There are sessions to meet everyone’s taste. Get voting!!

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DDD6 – Call for speakers open

The call for speakers for DDD6 has officially opened. You can now submit grok talks, 60 minute or 120 minute presentations.  Anyone in the UK is welcome to submit a session, as long as you plan on actually going through with it.  The call is only opened for a limited time, so get in quick.  After it has closed, attendees will be able to vote for the sessions they want to see.

DDD6 will be held at TVP, Reading on Saturday 24th November.

Now, how to word a good proposal?

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DDD6 Date is set

These events seem to be coming around quicker than ever, or maybe the organisers are just better at planning now 🙂

Guy Smith-Ferrier just posted the date for DDD6 – 24th November 2007 @ TVP, Reading.

Session submission opens end of September, keep an eye out for a session from me.

Also, if you visit the site you can vote on where you want DDD7 to be held. 

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