DDD Scotland and DDD6 Voting

dddscotlandTwo bits of DDD news today.  Firstly, a DDD in Scotland has been requested for a long time and today Colin announced some details.

It will be in May 2008 at Glasgow Caledonian University.

More information on his blog.

The second bit of news relates to DDD6 and voting has now opened. Cast your votes for which sessions you want to see at http://www.developerday.co.uk/ddd/votesessions.asp.

I’ve submitted a talk on MbUnit, with a look at MbUnit Gallio.  Your votes are most welcome!  The abstract is:

Testing Your Applications With MbUnit Gallio

Everyone seems to be talking about TDD, Unit Testing and Integration Testing, but how do you get started using these techniques on a real project? How do they affect the way we design and develop software?  In this talk, I will cover how to begin unit testing and factors which should be taken into account when designing and developing applications. I will then demonstrate how the new MbUnit Gallio framework can revolutionise the way you write your tests.

Other interesting sessions I spotted are:

Many hands make life work (Gary Short)

N-tier applications with Linq (Ian Cooper)

Why IronRuby (Dave Verwer)

Why do I need an Inversion of Control Container (Mike Hadlow)

All aboard the MonoRail (Ian Cooper)

Oh and mine ;).  There are sessions to meet everyone’s taste. Get voting!!

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2 thoughts on “DDD Scotland and DDD6 Voting”

  1. Looks like you voted for some of the same sessions that I did (Excellent). I’m looking forward to any of Gary Short’s sessions really. He is an excellent speaker and he’s put forwards some good subjects.

    Good luck with the voting for your session.

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