NxtGenUG Coventry: Red, Green, Refactor!

Just an early heads up, I will be doing a Test Driven Development talk at NxtGenUG Coventry on Monday May 19th.

My plan for the talk is to start with nothing, and build up a application using a test driven development approach.  Unlikely it will be a feature complete SubText level application, but my aim is to demonstrate how to get started with TDD with some real application features, how to take advantage of mocking and of course some of the excellent MbUnit features…

Talk Abstract

Red, Green, Refactor!

Starting to unit test your first project is difficult, where to start? What to test? How do you even get started? In this session, Ben starts from scratch and implements an ASP.net 2.0 application using test driven development techniques. The application will have to deal with real world situations such as databases, web services and even some users! Ben will demonstrate how to design the application for testability and how unit testing and mock frameworks can make your life easier and your tests less fragile. At the end, will the tests go green?

Register:  http://www.nxtgenug.net/ViewEvent.aspx?EventID=112

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